Torquenetics specializes in providing wide-ranging solutions and services advancement to businesses and organizations worldwide through consulting. With robust strategies developed from penetrative analysis and credible projections founded on the principles of Omni.Active Consulting℠, we guide our clients to successful outcomes while empowering them for future probabilities. Driven by teams with excellent expertise and peerless initiatives that maximally leverage world class resources to deliver results, Torquenetics is constantly leading clients into achieving set goals and realizing new potentials.

We are thrilled at every opportunity to meet your expectations through distinctive service. To know and appreciate our capabilities even better, please contact us by using the information provided below.

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The Americas, Asia & Europe
6 Serbian Avenue,
La Resource South,
Trinidad & Tobago
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Suites 330/331, Block A2 − 12,
Sura Complex,
Simpson Street,
P.O Box 7476,
Marina, Lagos.